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Why reviewing your post-lockdown IT and telecoms will protect your business

With around half of all UK employees working remotely in the past 12 months, the coronavirus pandemic put telecommunications centre stage. Now that a return to the workplace could be on the horizon, it’s a good time to take stock of your telecoms infrastructure and how it will support your business in the future.

Working together when apart: The age of seamless communications

It’s clear that remote working is likely to remain an option in certain circumstances, while a physical presence in the office will probably continue, too. So, going forward, it will be important to maintain seamless communication between office and remote workers so that business continues as usual wherever it’s being done. To support this, you’ll need a robust telecoms infrastructure to ensure that colleagues are able to collaborate securely and work together efficiently, even if they’re not all in the same physical location at once.

Mobilise & protect your business with Croft Communications

By mobilising your business, you can reduce overhead, become more flexible and establish business continuity protocols to see you through any crisis. If you haven't already done so, now's a great time to set up a professional remote workforce, and at Croft Communications, we have the expertise and solutions to ensure that your setup is truly secure and resilient.

How to get back to business and protect your staff with thermal imaging cameras

The way that coronavirus has affected the world cannot be underestimated and it has changed so many lives. Businesses, in particular, have faced extreme uncertainty with most working from home and many suffering losses. However, as restrictions ease, there is a possibility of restoring some sense of normality.

Keeping connected with Croft Communications

We’re experts in keeping people connected. Delivering a comprehensive range of business broadband and Telephony solutions, we ensure SMEs, large corporate and public sector businesses can communicate effectively, no matter their workforce’s location.

Detect & protect with Croft's thermal imaging solution

COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to businesses in every sector. For some, the lockdown was too damaging to survive, whereas others are suffering as they try to regain normality now that restrictions have eased.

If you're one of the lucky ones still standing, now is a crucial time to safeguard the future of your business. What will the impact be on your business if you are forced to shut down yet again?

Get back to work safely - a 5 step approach

Preparing to reopen after lockdown? This is make-or-break time for many businesses. By investing the thought, time and capital needed to protect your staff and customers, you stand the best chance of stopping the spread - and of avoiding another costly closure.

The future of remote working: Harnessing the power of unified communications

As companies embrace the idea of flexibility in their workforce, co-working spaces and hot desking have become increasingly popular. The traditional office-based 9 to 5 is becoming a thing of the past and with the right telecommunications software in place, remote working and flexible environments have proved to increase productivity and profitability ...

Herts Virtual Show 2020 Headline Sponsor

Croft is extremely proud to be the headline sponsor and show its support for the Herts County Show’s first ever virtual event. It’s an amazingly creative and forward thinking way to use the best of technology for everything it has to offer ...