Who we work with

Public Sector Telecoms

We offer reliable and innovative solutions that you can depend on, helping your business save money, work flexibly, and increase both mobility and productivity.

Public Sector telecoms

We're a Crown Commercial Service preferred supplier

We understand that public sector procurement is all about getting the best value for your budget. We’ll assign you a dedicated Account Manager who will work with you to find the best low-cost solutions to meet your business goals.

It’s not all about cost-cutting, however!

Upgrading your telecoms and IT infrastructure is an investment that will pay off, with greater efficiency, productivity and reliability.

Take care of your workforce, by offering remote and flexible working

Improve outcomes, by meeting service users’ needs more effectively

Future-proof your services, by harnessing the latest in telecoms technology

Save costs, by finding more efficient ways to work

We offer the following services, tailored to the needs of the public sector

Business Mobiles

Cut the cost of doing business on the move. Get business mobile services that keep you connected, for less.


Never get let down by slow speeds or outages. Benefit from a fast connection you can rely on, even during peak business hours.

Hosted Telephony

Cut your phone bill and reduce maintenance costs, with hosted telephony in the Cloud.

Business Phone Systems

With the right business phone system, you’ll work more efficiently. Match your phone system to your business needs, with the help of our experts.

IT Support

Ensure that your telecoms infrastructure is supporting your business goals. Our team of experts are here to help you, every step of the way.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Protect your business, staff and customers as Lockdown eases. A reliable, contactless solution to discreetly detect elevated body temperatures on entry / exit of your premises.

Public Sector telecoms

Who we work with

Every organisation is different, so we’ll always take the time to understand your unique business needs. Our public sector clients include schools, colleges, universities, local councils, utility suppliers, emergency services and more.

Schools, colleges and universities

We provide the education sector with affordable telecoms solutions, including everything from broadband to phone packages. We can advise you on sourcing low-cost alternatives to modern services, whilst maintaining and improving the essential collaboration between faculty, students and parents.

Care homes, surgeries and hospitals

Telecoms technologies can make the healthcare sector work more efficiently, even on a strained budget. We provide solutions so you can respond more quickly to meet patients’ needs. We understand the pressure for nursing staff to be constantly on the go, so our connectivity and hosted telephony solutions are designed to minimise disturbance and ensure business continuity.

We’re here to help

Why Croft?

Registered Crown Commercial Service preferred supplier

A name you can trust to provide a high-value, high-quality service.

6 hour service level agreement

We guarantee to respond to your query within 6 hours, whatever the time of day or night.

Cloud storage disaster-proofing

So your data is safe and secure.

Super-speed broadband

For office and reception staff.

Efficient communication features

Such as ‘Real-Time Customer Call Queuing’ to effectively manage peak-call times, ‘Instant Messaging’ for quick team collaboration and ‘Auto Attendant’ to automatically direct customers to the correct department.

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