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SME Telecoms

As an SME partnering with Croft, you’ll get reliable and innovative solutions that help your business save money, work flexibly, and increase both mobility and productivity. Our services are flexible enough to grow with you – so you don't need to worry about complicated upgrades further down the line.

SME telecoms

How can we help you?

The growth in telecoms technology is good news for small and medium-sized enterprises, giving SMEs the opportunity to compete with rival businesses by working more efficiently, being more responsive to customers, as well as cutting unnecessary costs.

Offer flexible and remote working options ...

To your employees, to boost staff retention and increase productivity.

Drastically cut costs ...

On your phone and internet expenditure. We’ll provide a personalised cost analysis to identify areas where you can cut your telecoms expenses.

Simplify your systems ...

For increased efficiency and transparent billing.

Harness innovative new technologies ...

To improve the way you do business, keep ahead of the game and stay competitive.

Provide a reliable service ...

To your customers – so they’ll keep coming back.

We offer the following services, tailored to the needs of SMEs

Business Mobiles

Cut the cost of doing business on the move. Get business mobile services that keep you connected, for less.


Never get let down by slow speeds or outages. Benefit from a fast connection you can rely on, even during peak business hours.

Hosted Telephony

Cut your phone bill and reduce maintenance costs, with hosted telephony in the Cloud.

Business Phone Systems

With the right business phone system, you’ll work more efficiently. Match your phone system to your business needs, with the help of our experts.

IT Support

Ensure that your telecoms infrastructure is supporting your business goals. Our team of experts are here to help you, every step of the way.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Protect your business, staff and customers as Lockdown eases. A reliable, contactless solution to discreetly detect elevated body temperatures on entry / exit of your premises.

SME telecoms

Who we work with

With years of experience, we understand the common issues faced by all SMEs - the need for growth / budget constraints - whilst recognising that every company is different, with its own particular challenges. We pride ourselves on tailoring our solutions to meet the unique business goals of every individual client. Our SME clients include enterprises in all fields, from healthcare to trade, transport and business.

Estate agents

Our clients include both smaller businesses with just a few agents, and large, multi-site estate agencies. We can make sure that your agents are contactable when working from home, visiting properties and travelling to meetings – improving customer call and email response times.


Offer the best service to your guests, with super-fast Wi-Fi and simple phone bills. We’ll show you how integrated telecoms solutions can improve your guests’ experience and make your job a whole lot easier!


Good value and excellent care are both essential for healthcare providers – and the right telecoms infrastructure can help you to achieve both. With an Account Manager focused on driving down costs and improving the way you serve your patients, you’ll be able to work smarter while offering the very best care to your service users.

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